crossing the fence to etfs

Crossing The Fence To ETFs

The venerable Wall Street Journal recently published an article in which they report that 2013 marked the first year when withdrawals from 401(k) funds exceeded contributions. I’m not surprised, given I’m part of the reason: us baby boomers are retiring in growing numbers. The demographic phenomenon known as the Baby Boom has been known and […]

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A Word From Robert Shiller

You might remember a few months ago I had a long rambling post about the CAPE vs. the POPE. The CAPE, as you might recall, is a special kind of PE ratio created by Prof. Robert Shiller of Yale, a Nobel Prize winner for Economics. This month AAII interviewed Prof. Shiller about the CAPE in […]

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sunset on preferred stocks

Oops… The Catch With Preferred Stocks

As you may have gathered from reading this blog for a while, my wife and I are retired and the focus of our investing has been on stocks paying dividends. After all, in order to take scenic trips every now and then and connect with old friends one needs a spot of income, right? Most […]

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stock market ritholtz

Stock Market Valuation: Another View

Call me lazy, but when someone else says something well, I figure what’s the point of trying to add to it? Barry Ritholtz, as you may know, is one of the guys I follow from a bit of a distance. Here’s a column he wrote on Bloomberg this week about whether the stock market is […]

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Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods And The Tyranny Of The PE

Life’s good if you’re the CEO of Whole Foods Markets, you might think. Sure, there is that, shall we say, “enthusiastic” fringe complaining that you’re not a true greenie, having betrayed the green cause for that nefarious kind of green which gets you big mansions, corporate jets and fancy cars, and there’s the continued sniping […]

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returns coffee pixabay

Improve Your Investing Return In Five Minutes

Okay, you know me by now, and you can spot an overpromising headline a mile away. You know 5 minutes can’t improve anybody’s return. Good for you. But… there is something you can do. You don’t read about it much, but they do teach it in business schools (not that the students apply it that […]

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Dividends and Buybacks: What and Why?

‘Tis the season for mergers, from Time-Warner and Comcast to Office Depot and Office Max. What the halogen lamp is happening out there? Don’t they know they’re paying top dollar? That’s not all. Companies are buying back their own stock at all-time highs. Apple announced last year it will buy back $90 billion worth of […]

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