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King Tim And Tax Inversion

Okay, so you read about the proposed merger between Burger King and Tim Hortons, and all the hype that’s surrounding it, right? You saw the outrage about Burger King “abandoning America,” right? And the  Ohio senator urging a boycott against Burger King, and support of Wendy’s and White Castle, because those patriotic stalwarts “haven’t abandoned their […]

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investing the big picture

Investing: Taking A Step Back

We’ve been going for more than a year, and those who have been with us for a while have more of a feel for investing than you did when you started. And that’s the goal. The tagline for this site is “Get comfortable investing.” That has an intentional double meaning: Get comfortable financially by investing, and to do […]

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running the numbers

Running the numbers

So, last week I shocked you, revealing to all the world that you, too, are quite the numbers person. Now you’re qualified to join the world’s elite. That’s right… Nobody becomes rich without running the numbers. Think about that for a moment But that’s as bad as the news gets. The good news is: millions of people […]

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Company valuation pulling the trigger

Company Valuation: Pulling the Trigger

Why do you do a company valuation? Just because you’re bored, TV stinks like cheese and you simply can’t think of anything better to do? All valuation exercises aim at one single point: The Decision: buy or not buy. Pass or buy: it’s the destination for all investment journeys. Limits When you want to invest, […]

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Is A Good Investment?

Should you invest in Earlier on, you learned that there is a little “homework” (or due diligence) you need to do in order to figure out if is a good investment or not. We’ve spent the past few weeks circling the company, just as an example of trying to figure out if its […]

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