Is There Money In Wholesome?

Will you get old one day and switch your movie watching from edgy new blockbusters in theaters, with overpriced popcorn, to “Aww, honey, let’s spare the retirement fund, stay home and watch a wholesome movie in our comfy chair? Why settle for popcorn? We can cook anything our little hearts desire (well, more or less).” […]

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ipo GRLD

A Valentines Day IPO Story

Tomorrow is the day of love. For 364 days every year it’s okay to kick the cat, sass the teacher, blow off the spouse, ignore the kids/parents and generally indulge yourself while you tell the rest of the world to go to Arizona… but not tomorrow. Tomorrow is the National Day of Love, and what […]

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How To Navigate IPO’s With S-1, Your New Friend

So you read about this wonderful thing called an IPO, where household names “go public” and fortunes are made. You, though, are outside, like a little boy with his nose pressed up against the store’s window pane the week before Christmas, longingly gazing at the bright shining bonanzas mere mortals can only see, but never touch. […]

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investing mistakes

The 5 Biggest Investing Mistakes You Can Make

It’s still early in the year and as you wonder if deflategate will migrate to the stock markets, you can’t help wondering: am I doing this investing thing right? Is there something I’m overlooking, something that’ll make me slap my forehead when I see it, but it’s too late? Here’s but one of many checklists you […]

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pope cape

Who Can Mess With Superman’s CAPE? How About The POPE?

Okay, okay, enough of you asked for an explanation as to why I ignore those who use the CAPE (Cyclical Average PE) to proclaim the market is overvalued. So here goes. CAPE vs. POPE Is the stock market close to its next peak? After 30-odd new S&P records in 2014, you may be wondering that, […]

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stock market crash guillebeau

Again: Will The Stock Market Crash?

Do you fear a stock market crash when you see it reaching new highs, like it did seems like all last year? Or, do you wonder if the time for the inevitable stock market crash has finally come when you read about all those Dow drops this week? Welcome to Bite the Bullet Investing, where we specialize in […]

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Sunrise over 2015

Your Financial Strategy for 2015

If you didn’t hear about this post by email, here’s a special message to open proceedings for the new year. With all the festivities over, it’s back to work with all of us. Did you have a good December? My wife and I sure did. We packed our little camper and headed out to Death Valley in […]

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