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A Word From Robert Shiller

You might remember a few months ago I had a long rambling post about the CAPE vs. the POPE. The CAPE, as you might recall, is a special kind of PE ratio created by Prof. Robert Shiller of Yale, a Nobel Prize winner for Economics. This month AAII interviewed Prof. Shiller about the CAPE in […]

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stock market ritholtz

Stock Market Valuation: Another View

Call me lazy, but when someone else says something well, I figure what’s the point of trying to add to it? Barry Ritholtz, as you may know, is one of the guys I follow from a bit of a distance. Here’s a column he wrote on Bloomberg this week about whether the stock market is […]

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Dividends and Buybacks: What and Why?

‘Tis the season for mergers, from Time-Warner and Comcast to Office Depot and Office Max. What the halogen lamp is happening out there? Don’t they know they’re paying top dollar? That’s not all. Companies are buying back their own stock at all-time highs. Apple announced last year it will buy back $90 billion worth of […]

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Why You Really Need To Know Agency Theory And Fiduciary

Do you know someone who lost money on investments? Perhaps that attractive face in the mirror? Thousands have. And the most common element in all those thousands of portfolio poopers: “Someone else.” Most failed investments start with a broker, friend, columnist, author, relative — someone who said this or that is a great investment. Today’s […]

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stock market crash guillebeau

Again: Will The Stock Market Crash?

Do you fear a stock market crash when you see it reaching new highs, like it did seems like all last year? Or, do you wonder if the time for the inevitable stock market crash has finally come when you read about all those Dow drops this week? Welcome to Bite the Bullet Investing, where we specialize in […]

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Mutual Funds: The Ultimate Halloween Story

This is a series just made in Britain. The accent is British, the names are British, and they quaintly refer to London’s financial district as “The City,” as if everybody in the entire world knows exactly who they’re talking about. (And then they have the nerve to call Americans arrogant. 🙂 ) Don’t be fooled […]

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tax inversion burger king tim hortons CBC

King Tim And Tax Inversion

Okay, so you read about the proposed merger between Burger King and Tim Hortons, and all the hype that’s surrounding it, right? You saw the outrage about Burger King “abandoning America,” right? And the  Ohio senator urging a boycott against Burger King, and support of Wendy’s and White Castle, because those patriotic stalwarts “haven’t abandoned their […]

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