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IRA Roth or Trad

Your IRA: Roth or Traditional?

Received an email from a reader: “I actually have a question about whether to move my orphaned 401k to an IRA, traditional or Roth… I keep hearing that I should move to a traditional. I currently have two 401k from two past employers, one with a lot more than the other. One has maintenance fees the […]

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investing mistakes

Your 5 Biggest Investing Mistakes

Here is the final reprint of earlier posts on things investors need to remind themselves of at least once a year. – W Stopped at a traffic light, investors seasoned and virginal alike wonder: am I doing this investing thing right? Is there something I’m overlooking, something that’ll make me slap my forehead when I see […]

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Get rich quick investing

How You Can Get Rich Quick Investing

New Years rolls around and everyone asks: how can I get rich quick investing? This is a reprint of something every investor needs to read at the beginning of every year. – W If you’re interested in making a lot of money with investing, it never takes you long to find yourself face to face […]

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tax on investment income

The Tax On Investment Income

Last week we looked at the difference between income and appreciation, and you were left hanging with the big question: which one should you prefer? As so often happens with investing, there are many factors to consider, but this week we take a look at one of the biggest ones: the tax on investment income. […]

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income and appreciation

Income And Appreciation

When you invest, you can make money in two ways: income and appreciation. What do those terms mean? What’s the difference? And, most importantly, which one should you pursue the most? Income Back in the old days, income was the only reason people invested. The Dutch and British East India Companies are the oldest examples […]

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chantilly 2 bond funds

Bond Funds, Part 2

Last week you learned a little about something you may probably have heard of, and which people may have told you you need to invest in: bonds. This week we’ll wrap up bond funds with a few more things you need to know. We’ve already noted that the bond market is twice the size of […]

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stock funds staircase

Bonds And Interest Rates

Last week you were introduced to stock funds. This week we’ll turn to the second of the two major classes of index funds: bond funds. But first, let’s take a quick step back to understand what bond funds invest in. My Name Is Bond Did you notice? In the videos on the Halloween post: all […]

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