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Royal diversification

Diversification… Plagiarised

Yesterday I introduced the notion of diversification. What follows is a tongue-in-cheek look at diversification on a scale you and I can only dream of… and write about. It’s a (lightly edited) article published by James Mackintosh, Investment Editor of London’s venerable (other word for pink) Financial Times on September 9th this year. Sometimes somebody […]

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The Greece Thing: Phantom Or Real?

Several European governments, banks, and even their central bank have lent hundreds of billions to Greece, who has just said they can’t make the payments. Oops. When I was young and aspiring to be a CFO, someone told me an important lesson in finance: when you borrow $1,000 and you can’t repay it, you have […]

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pope cape

Who Can Mess With Superman’s CAPE? How About The POPE?

Okay, okay, enough of you asked for an explanation as to why I ignore those who use the CAPE (Cyclical Average PE) to proclaim the market is overvalued. So here goes. CAPE vs. POPE Is the stock market close to its next peak? After 30-odd new S&P records in 2014, you may be wondering that, […]

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Take a big bite

Carnival of MoneyPros

Exhale! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, and your life (read: holiday shopping) can settle down to steady insanity again. 馃檪聽Welcome to the Carnival of聽Money Pros, brought to you to by the good folks at the聽Money Pros Team. Should you wish to add your contributions to a forthcoming carnival,聽you can submit your articles at聽Blogger […]

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With A Little Help From Our Friends

If you remember the old Beatles song, you understand the meaning of getting by with a little help from our friends.聽Today, we’re doing something a little unusual. I’m going to share four pieces I came across recently, because I believe they can help us all get by better in one way or another. Some of […]

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Carnival of Financial Independence, 27th Edition

The guidelines are: You can submit a post that was published during the last month The posts have to relate to reaching financial independence, and fit within the following categories: Savings and Simple living, Travel and Lifestyle, Wealth and聽 Passive income, Real Estate and Investing, or Self employment and Career. Submit by Wednesday night聽for the […]

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Welcome to the Carnival of Retirement, Labor Day edition

Roger Wohlner @ The Chicago Financial Planner writes Is a Variable Annuity Right for You? – What type of person is a variable annuity a good product for? Let鈥檚 analyze this question. Michael Kitces @ Nerd’s Eye View writes An Alternative Reason Good Investment Managers Struggle To Persist – Research has long shown that even […]

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