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I waited too long before I bit the bullet and started investing. That’s good news for you because:

– My experience showed it’s never too late. (I started when I was almost 55.)
– Because I woke up so late I spent an intense amount of time and energy figuring out what to do. You get the benefit of that.

I have a Bachelors, Masters and partial Ph.D. in business and management and over 20 years’ experience in management (CFO or CEO). However, all that education and business experience didn’t teach me a simple truth: ANYBODY can do well with investing, and EVERYBODY has to invest. The reason is simple: we all get our income from only two possible sources:

–  from a job or business where we need to put in time, or
–  from investments, where we don’t.

Those are the only two options anybody has. Even if you want to work till you die, the reality is nobody will give you a job once you’re over 55 or 60. So you need to invest in order to be in a position to get an income from investments.

Nobody tells you that when you’re young, or when they do, you blow them off. I did. But fortunately I figured it out before it was too late.

If you’d like to know even more about me, here is a link to a more complete personal history.

Bottom line: I walked the path of getting started with investing, and succeeded. I just want to share this with you so you can do better than I did.

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Just learn… and do better than me.

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William Cowie

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