Why gray

Why do what we do here on bite the bullet investing?

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Have you heard or felt comments like these?

  • “Investing is over my head.”
  • “I wish I could learn the basics of investing somewhere.”
  • “I know I have to invest but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “Hey, I’m not so sure I need to be all so hung up about investing.”

Every single one of those comments is heartfelt and legitimate, made by people who are intelligent and thoughtful, and who care about their financial well-being.

But they are based on an incomplete set of facts.

You see, you can be robbed in two ways. The first is when Scarface sticks a gun on your face and takes your money. That one is easy — you know you were robbed. How do you feel about that? Outraged? Violated, angry and frustrated? Ready to sign any petition that puts all street robbers behind bars forever? Probably all of the above.

The second way of getting robbed isn’t quite as obvious.  That’s when Slimy Slick hijacks a FedEx truck with a bag of money headed your way. The second form of robbery is more insidious, because it doesn’t feel like you were robbed, because there’s no visible act of violence. In fact, you probably aren’t even aware it happened, because immediately after it happened, you’re no worse off than before. All the money in your wallet and your bank account is still there like before. In fact, you don’t find out the robbery happened until your rich aunt asks you at Christmas how you liked the bag with a million bucks she sent you.

What bag?

Only then do you realize you’ve been robbed. But there’s nothing you can do about it any more. You can’t call the police months after the event. You can’t identify the criminal, you can’t point to the date or time someone took from you what was yours. You can only make like a fish: open and close your mouth in outrage and indignation.

And then go home and steam over what might have been. And kick yourself and slap your forehead.

What else can you do?

You can tell as many people about it as you can, and hope they learn to watch out for Slimy Slick and his gang of parcel truck robbers.

And that’s what I am doing, and this site is what I’m doing it with.

You are being robbed as you read this, and you may not know it. Seriously.


Ignorance. By not knowing how important investing is to your future, and by not actually doing your best at it, you are being robbed of a financial future. You don’t see it now, you don’t feel it now, and therefore you don’t know it’s happening now (just like with the FedEx truck above).

But just as the Christmas party came in the story above and your aunt asks how you like that bag of bucks she sent you, your future will arrive and it will ask you how you like the investments you made when it was 2013.

That’s when you’ll discover you’ve been robbed but it will be too late to do anything. The outrage, the slapping of your forehead, the kicking yourself till you’re blue, those things will be so much wasted energy.

I was a victim of this form of robbery: there wasn’t anybody to tell me at an early age how important investing is. Sure, I knew investing is a good thing. I knew about Warren Buffett and how rich investing made him. Like most people, I nodded my head sagely when someone said it’s a good thing to invest.

But nobody told me HOW important investing is. It’s like someone telling you it might be a good suggestion to take a breath of air every now and then, but not telling you you’ll die without it. You only find that out when you blow him off and stop breathing for 60 seconds.

Is investing THAT important? Yes it is. It really is. It’s as important to your well-being as breathing to your body.

I am very upset and angry that nobody told me how important it is to get started. That’s why I want to tell you those things in the hope that you reap the benefit of my education.

And that’s what this site is all about. You have the benefit that here is someone sounding the alarm for you that you’re being robbed. So, if you listen, you have time to act to stop the robbery now, before it takes place.

You’re the beneficiary.

Just bite the bullet and start now. Sign up in the form to the right, and you’ll learn what to do.

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