What Others Say…

Here are some spontaneous, unsolicited comments on the Investing Basics series…

Very simple, easy to understand-  if all the lessons are like this William, it will be awesome- demystifying the language of finance so we can all understand it, and I loved that I got something of use straight away.

Just wanted to say: Great first investing lesson! You really cleared up the terms I “knew” – but didn’t “know” if that makes sense. Kudos and thanks!

I love your writing style. Now I understand some principles for the first time. Looking forward to the rest.

I am already itching to read the next post! I am currently paying off debts but looking forward to starting to invest.

This explanation is awesome! … Your explanation is so easy to understand even for people with zero background about investing.

Nicely done.  Thank you for taking the time to help others with your experience and knowledge.

It feels great to read this stuff and actually understand what you’re talking about

Well written, easy to understand introduction to basics.

Great job, it is well written and easy to understand… You have a gift explaining economics

That was extremely helpful. It’s broken down many of my limiting beliefs about not being able to get into investing.